Palmer Hamilton, LLC

Contract#: 031715-PHL
Category: Furniture and Storage
Description: Flexible Furniture for Flexible Spaces
Maturity Date: 04/09/2019

Palmer Hamilton, located in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, is a leading manufacturer in providing flexible furniture for flexible spaces, and for designing sustainable turn-key dining and seating solutions that enhance the gathering experience. Founded on innovation, quality and customer service, we offer a variety of choices for gathering, dining and seating needs, and deliver high quality, durable products that are safe and easy to use.  Palmer Hamilton is committed to providing an effortless purchasing experience and to creating lasting relationships with our customers.  

With an emphasis on interactive design, variety and comfort, a multitude of environments that will meet a variety of budgetary and seating needs can be created by incorporating standard height and high-top tables, coordinating chair and bar stool height styles, booth seating, custom cabinets and a full range of accessories.  Our innovative system of flexible modular seating is designed to create flexible spaces for collaboration, communication and concentration. A versatile system integrating technology, it enables a multi-functional working environment. It is a stylish and flexible furniture system, making it easy to create flexible spaces in a variety of environments, e.g. offices, universities, K-12 districts, and public spaces. Our mobile power table’s power/re-charging unit features 1 USB port per side, for a total of four devices that can be charged. It provides moveable power anywhere, any time, for office, higher education, airports, dining, convention and reception areas. In addition, we offer customized graphic designs with no minimum quantity requirements, making us one of the largest producers of custom logo and graphic laminate tables in the industry today.  

We recognize that providing a smooth purchasing experience is important to our customers.  We offer complete turn-key services including on-site analysis, product selection, delivery and installation.  We coordinate directly with our customers, including architects and general contractors, during planning and construction phases.  From the factory to the front office, each dedicated employee works hard to provide you with the best products and customer service.