Mitel Business Systems, Inc. – Telecom Phone Systems/Cellular Service

Contract#: 040314-MBS
Category: Technology, Security & Communication Solutions
Description: Telecom Phone Systems/Cellular Service
Maturity Date: 05/20/2018


Mitel, the market leader in communication technology, provides phone systems, collaboration and contact center solutions – in the cloud or on-site – for organizations of all sizes. Mitel provides over 40 years’ experience in communication technology serving customers around the world.

Mitel’s communication systems, known for innovation and reliability, offer feature-rich systems to enhance collaboration applications. Mitel provides the solutions you need to dramatically improve the way you communicate – without the timely and costly RFP procurement process.

 The options and flexibility of Mitel solutions enable you to build efficient, secure and robust communication systems tailored to suit your needs and budget.