What does ezIQC stand for?
How long has ezIQC been around?
How does ezIQC save time?
How does ezIQC ensure higher quality work?
What is the Construction Task Catalog?
How can unit pricing possibly work?
What is the cost of using ezIQC?
What about change orders?
How was the bid for this ezIQC contract advertised? Can I get a copy of the advertisement for bid?
Does my state have the legal authority to purchase from NJPA?
How long is the contract and when is it rebid?
Do I still need a Construction Manager? What about professional services?
Our agency is sensitive to using local subcontractors, use of minority subcontractors, and other considerations: What are your intentions?
What about price fluctuations from year to year?
Why, as a Procurement Manager, would I use ezIQC?
What does this mean to me and my project?
How do I get a project started?