Who is NJPA?
What is NJPA’s primary purpose?
Who is eligible for NJPA membership?
How is NJPA governed?
How much does it cost to participate in NJPA?
How is NJPA funded?
How can we join and participate in NJPA and its contracts and services?
Does NJPA have a professional public purchasing board of advisors?
Can agencies other than government and education use the program?
What specific statute gives my agency the authority to participate?
What are the advantages of being a member of NJPA?
As NJPA members, are we still able to buy from other contracts?
Can my public agency use NJPA contracts without issuing our own solicitation?
How can I obtain copies of the legal documentation associated with each contract?
What is the solicitation and request for proposal (RFP) process?
How does the purchase process flow?
Can my agency add additional terms & conditions to meet my local requirements?
What about customer satisfaction and assurance?
Describe who NJPA contract awards to.
How do my regular suppliers become authorized suppliers for NJPA?
How do I get more information about NJPA?
How can we become a NJPA vendor?