Funding Deadlines

Description: This presentation will cover Job Order Contracting (JOC) as a means to complete straightforward repair, maintenance and renovation projects quickly and at competitively-bid prices.  Institutions of higher education across the country have used JOC and cooperative JOC processes through governmental agencies, like the National Joint Power Alliance®, to complete myriad projects ranging from door and hardware replacement to classroom and laboratory conversions to energy efficient endeavors. Increasing enrollment, diminishing budgets, reduced staff and a growing list of deferred repair and renovation projects have taken their toll on higher education institutions. This webinar will highlight how colleges and universities of all sizes can use this construction procurement method through cooperative purchasing agencies to save time, use funding that has a deadline quickly, control costs and ease administrative burdens. The examples from our clients will focus on how ezIQC was able to quickly meet deadlines in order to use funding that was available for a limited time.