KAN. STAT. ANN. §12-2903. Definitions

As used in the interlocal cooperation act:

(a) “Public agency” means:

(1) Any county, township, city, school district, library district, road district, drainage district, sewer district, water district or fire district;

(2) any entity created pursuant to K.S.A. 12-2901 et seq. or chapter 72 of the Kansas Statutes Annotated, and amendments thereto;

(3) any other municipal corporation, quasi-municipal corporation or political subdivision of this state or of any other state which is not specified in paragraphs (1) and (2);

(4) any state officer; and

(5) any agency or instrumentality of this state or any other state or of the United States.

(b) “State” means a state of the United States and the District of Columbia.

(c) “Private agency” means an individual, firm, association or corporation.

(d) “State officer” shall mean the governor, attorney general, secretary of state, state treasurer and insurance commissioner of the state of Kansas.

(e) “Native American Indian tribes” shall mean federally-recognized Native American Indian tribes.

(f) “Gaming compact” shall mean a gaming compact as defined by K.S.A. 46-2301, and amendments thereto.


KAN. STAT. ANN. §12-2904.Interlocal agreements by public agencies; specifications; approval of attorney general, exceptions. (a) Subject to the limitations of subsection (g), any power or powers, privileges or authority exercised or capable of exercise by a public agency of this state including but not limited to those functions relating to economic development, public improvements, public utilities, police protection, public security, public safety and emergency preparedness, including but not limited to, intelligence, antiterrorism and disaster recovery, libraries, data processing services, educational services, building and related inspection services, flood control and storm water drainage, weather modification, sewage disposal, refuse disposal, park and recreational programs and facilities, ambulance service, fire protection, the Kansas tort claims act or claims for civil rights violations, may be exercised and enjoyed jointly with any other public agency of this state or with any private agency, and jointly with any public agency of any other state or of the United States to the extent that the laws of such other state or of the United States permit such joint exercise or enjoyment. Any agency of the state government when acting jointly with any public or private agency may exercise and enjoy all of the powers, privileges and authority conferred by this act upon a public agency.

(b)  Any public agency may enter into agreements with one or more public or private agencies for joint or cooperative action pursuant to the provisions of this act. Appropriate action by ordinance, resolution or otherwise pursuant to law of the governing bodies of the participating public agencies shall be necessary before any such agreement may enter into force. 


Link to the full statute can be found here:  kslegislature.org/li/statute/012_000_0000_chapter/012_029_0000_article/012_029_0004_section/012_029_0004_k/