MD. CODE ANN.., STATE FIN. & PROC. § 13-110

(a)(1) In this section, the following words have the meanings indicated.

    (2) “Governmental entity” means:

           (ii) another state or an agency or other instrumentality of another state;

           (iv) a county, municipal corporation, or other political subdivision of the State or of another state, or an agency or other instrumentality of the political subdivision;

           (vi) a primary procurement unit; or

           (vii) an affiliation, alliance, consortium, or group composed solely of governmental entities that is established for purposes of promoting intergovernmental cooperative purchasing.

     (3) “Intergovernmental cooperative purchasing agreement” means a contract:

            (i)     1. entered into by at least one governmental entity and a person selected in a manner that is consistent with the purposes set forth under § 11-201 of this article;

                    2. that is available for use by the governmental entity entering the contract and at least one additional governmental entity which may, but need not be, an original party to the contract; and

                    3. that is intended to promote efficiency and savings that can result from intergovernmental cooperative purchasing.


(b) Participation of primary procurement unit. — (1) Subject to § 12-107 of this article, whenever a primary procurement unit procurement officer determines that it is in the best interest of the State to sponsor or participate in an intergovernmental cooperative purchasing agreement, with the approval of the unit head and subject to any other approval required by law, the primary procurement unit may become a party to or participate under the agreement.