NEWS you can USE April 2011

Budgets and the Economy
Report: Massachusetts budget cut by $3B since recession – Massachusetts has been forced to cut $3 billion from its state budget and slash local aid to cities and towns by nearly 40 percent since the start of the national recession, according to an analysis by an independent research group. The report by the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center compares state funding levels for the fiscal year that ended July 1, 2009 to levels in the spending plan proposed by Governor Deval Patrick for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2011. The report made adjustments for inflation. Read more….
State budgets explained: Why deficit figures don’t always add up – Not only has 2011 been the toughest budget year in a long time for many states. It’s also been one of the most confusing in terms of understanding how big the budget gaps really are. In Texas, some people talk of a $15 billion budget shortfall. Others put it vastly higher, at $27 billion. Statehouse reporters, unwilling to pick sides, often describe the shortfall as “between $15 billion and $27 billion.” Read more….
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