NJPA News You Can Use – Budgets & the Economy | July/Aug 2012

Budgets & the Economy

Hiring rebounds for state, local governments – States, cities, counties and school districts hired 828,000 workers in the first four months of the year, up 20% from a year earlier, and the most since 2008, according to a USA TODAY analysis of the government’s Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey. Read more… .

Chicago City Hall touts $13 mil. in consultant’s savings – A consulting company hired by Mayor Rahm Emanuel last summer to consolidate and overhaul city contracts has already saved the city $13.3 million, City Hall contends. Read more…

San Bernardino seeks bankruptcy protection – San Bernardino became the third California city in less than a month to seek bankruptcy protection, with officials saying the financial situation had become so dire that it could not cover payroll through the summer. Read more… .

What states spend the least, per-capita? Nevada is at top of list – Govpro looked at the numbers and found that Nevada spends the least per-capita on government. The other top five states with lowest per-capita spends are Texas, Georgia, Florida and Illinois. The five states with the highest per-capita spending rates are Vermont, New Mexico, Wyoming, Hawaii and Alaska. Read more… .

Keating Report on government budgets and spending, 2nd half 2012 – Are better days ahead for government budgets and the economy? Is the worst behind us? The economy continues to slowly lurch ahead, with improved state government revenues but spotty hiring in the U.S. workforce. It is clear, the post-recession economy is affecting government budgets. Read more… .

Campus Mergers Bring Big Changes but Questionable Savings – For years, states have merged state college campuses, nearly always for financial reasons. The logic seems unassailable: Maintaining fewer schools should cost less money. But consolidation doesn’t necessarily yield savings. Read more… .

Cities near a tipping point – Officials at the state and local levels say many governments outside of New York City are at or near a tipping point — between eliminating services such as garbage collection or imposing financial control boards, like the ones already in place in Buffalo and Nassau County. Read more… .