H2O Vendor Gathering

NJPA’s annual H2O Vendor Advisory Meeting is all about the gathering of great people and great ideas. There is something about being by water that adds to the setting and overall success of the event.

The primary goal of H2O is to learn from our NJPA vendors and suppliers, to share knowledge and to identify the specific needs and interests of our vendors. Our focus will be to listen to the concerns and various strategies surrounding the NJPA awarded contracts as they are integrated within the culture of each company and sales channels. It is very important to encourage our vendors to get to know and trust each other and to understand the best practice strategies and resulting contract success.

We also understand the value in learning from the less successful strategies experienced by some of our more seasoned contract holders. The H2O event has become an annual pivot point for both NJPA and our vendors as we all learn and help each other understand the steps to proven strategies. These strategies maximize and leverage the NJPA contract within the unique culture of each company. As a foundation principal, we will all benefit from the successful strategy of each vendor and the success of each member communication.

Learn more about H2O by contacting Jeremy Schwartz, Director of Contracts & Marketing.

The next H2O will be held June 7-9, 2016 at Madden’s in Brainerd, MN.