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Custodial Supplies/Consulting Services – HILLYARD

Maintenance directors are continually tying to perfect the art of efficiently maintaining clean facilities. Hillyard has been a partner in that process for over 90 years. Together we have worked through the challenges of living with tighter maintenance budgets made worse by higher labor costs, increasing regulatory controls, and a greater demand for cleanliness. That is why we, at Hillyard, are dedicated to continually developing new management solutions to help you better optimize your cleaning resources, day after day. That management solution is: CCAP (Cleaning Cost Analysis Program) Data Base Management Services.

HILLYARD CCAP Data Base Management Services will create a "Virtual Reality Building" from your building – then provide you "What-if" analysis and "Best Practice" answers on a multitude of facility management questions:
Are your cleaning work zones balanced? Is your list of cleaning tasks in balance with your cleaning staff? Can you cost justify your cleaning staff? Do you have the most time efficient cleaning systems in place? Do you have defendable accountability of your cleaning staff? Are you paying needless overtime to clean your buildings?

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