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Administrative Software & Services – ARIES TECHNOLOGY, INC. 

Aries Technology, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the development and implementation of multi-media curricula and services. At Aries our vision is to introduce students to the wide-ranging and exciting world of computer technology. Aries has established a highly regarded reputation by providing schools, colleges and universities with quality information technology (IT), workforce training and professional development programs. Our e-learning solutions provide educational and administrative tools for everyone from first time students to teachers, administrators, and parents.

Aries provides high quality web-based curricula for K-12 Education; Community and Technical Colleges Universities. At Aries, we structure our computer-based courses around stringent educational and industry endorsed objectives. When students successfully complete Aries’ coursework, they develop valuable technical experience, are better prepared for the workforce, and experience success by passing industry endorsed certification exams.

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