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SchoolDude is the nation’s #1 provider of web-native facility management solutions designed exclusively for the unique needs of educational facility professionals. Backed by the industry’s only Legendary Service Program, our broad suite of web-native applications is revolutionizing the business of managing educational facilities. SchoolDude’s web-native tools for facility management offer easy to use, affordable solutions to help both small and large educational institutions save money, increase efficiency and improve services. Our web-native solutions include: MaintenanceDirect – work order system, PMDirect – preventive maintenance scheduling system, InventoryDirect – inventory management system, FSDirect – facility scheduling system, PlanningDirect – capital planning system, UtilityDirect – utility management system, ITDirect – help desk management system, and CommunityDirect – peer community for facility professionals. 

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Brian Holland   
877-868-3833 (DUDE)   
[email protected]

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