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Administrative Software & Services – TYLER TECHNOLOGIES Inc 

Tyler is responsible for helping thousands of public sector clients do what they do best—serve their communities. Our solutions help government be more efficient, more accessible and more responsive to the needs of citizens in 9 major areas: Appraisal & Tax, Citizen Services, Courts & Justice, Document Management, Education Management, Financial Management, Land & Vital Records, Pension Management, and Public Safety.

Our structure, our methodologies, our products, and our services are all developed with our relationship to the public sector in mind. We believe that this serves our clients better than any other company. We understand their operations, we value their business, and we bring them the necessary tools to serve their constituents.

Tyler Technologies is clearly an industry leader by any standards. And with a single vertical market, our clients rest assured that all of our resources are used to enhance the products they use.

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Customer Order Information
ADS Financial Management Solution (ERP)
Eagle Land & Vital Records Solutions
EDEN Financial Management Solution (ERP)
Education Management Solution
INCODE Financial Management Solution (ERP)
INCODE Court Case Management Solution
INCODE Customer Relationship Management Solution
MUNIS® Financial Management Solution (ERP)
Pension Management Solution
Tyler Public Safety Solution

Melinda Clark – ADS Financial Management Solution (ERP)
800-772-2260 Ext. 4243
[email protected]

Cheryl Letchworth – Eagle Land & Vital Records Solutions
208.354.8200 Ext. 512
[email protected]

Adam Griffiths – Education Management Solution
800-772-2260 Ext. 4555
[email protected]

Peter Rickett – EDEN and MUNIS Financial Management Systems
800-772-2260 Ext. 4493
[email protected]

Jay Kendell – INCODE and Public Safety Solution
[email protected]

Maureen Carr – Pension Management Solution
[email protected]

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