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Contract Purchasing Solutions

NJPA is a national municipal contracting agency that creates a business and service relationship alliance between buyers and suppliers. We are committed to serving our Members and providing our Members efficiency options. Through national solicitations we provide the opportunity for our Members to purchase equipment, goods and services through nationally leveraged, competitively bid contracts. NJPA contracts offer the very best solutions from industry-leading Vendors.

NJPA contract purchasing solutions are competitively bid nationally and awarded on our Members behalf. Our contracts bring considerable value and efficiencies to our Members through nationally leveraged contracted suppliers and access to the highest quality products and brands that our Members prefer and deserve.

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The Value Of Contract Purchasing

National contract purchasing provides considerable time and resource savings for participating Member agencies.

  • Streamlines the contracting processes and maximizes efficiencies
  • No need to establish and or duplicate bid docs or contract process
  • Reduce the impact of staff reductions and budget cuts

Membership establishes a legal paper trail between the Member agency and NJPA, justify¬ing your contract purchasing decision. An NJPA Membership is at no-cost, no-obligation or liability to the agency and provides access to multiple competitively bid contracts. As a public agency, NJPA’s contracting process follows the same competitive bidding process required by our Members. Our contracts leverage national volume pricing and provide our Members with the desired Vendor choices.

  • Ease and time saving benefits of purchasing through national leveraged contracts
  • Unique advantage to purchase exceptional quality products/equipment deserving of the agency

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NJPA’s Commitment & Purpose

We are a public agency serving as a national contracting agency that facilitates the bidding and contracting process on behalf of our Members. NJPA awards and hosts its own contracts under the authority of Minnesota State Laws. NJPA Members have the comfort of knowing their contracts are solicited, awarded and monitored by a public agency with a publicly-elected board of directors. We do not require the services of a lead agency to host our contracts. We answer to our Members because we were established to serve our Members. At NJPA, service, commitment and trust is our standard. We are committed to provide efficient public service through our national contract purchasing programs.
NJPA Commitment
Our goals include working to solve your purchasing concerns in a measurable, cost effective manner. We are committed to research the industry with regard to our Members’ common needs. As a result, we will deliver to our Members the opportunity to purchase through nationally leveraged contracts offering the best products and services at the lowest possible price. We are only able to do this as we work together, developing partnerships to create a unified national purchasing alliance.
Our Purpose
Our purpose is to provide our Members with requested and valued programs and services created, coordinated and delivered through a cooperative effort between all participating Members. NJPA is a national organization that creates a business and service relationship resulting in an alliance between member buyers and contracted suppliers.
Membership with NJPA is offered nationally to legislatively qualified agencies. Member agencies must determine their own ability to join and participate in our contract purchasing program by interpreting their own purchasing and contracting laws to recognize NJPA as having satisfied their own contracting requirements.