Become a Vendor

All of our contracts are competitively bid, evaluated and awarded by our board. To be an awarded Vendor, you must respond to our national RFP solicitations. Our RFPs are solicited, advertised and posted on this website,, a variety of third party bidding services and printed in the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper.

To check on the maturity date of an existing contract and determine your next potential opportunity, visit our Contract Solutions page. For questions regarding our contracting process, contact NJPA’s Director of Contracts & Marketing: [email protected].

Awarded contract suppliers have the advantage and benefit of “Contract Selling.” Vendors will enjoy business transactions with NJPA Members nationally, representing the highest level of procurement professionals from government, education and nonprofit agencies in the country without responding to numerous individual solicitations. The exceptional quality of your products and services will lend a valuable role in the operation and efficiencies of our Member agencies.

Together we can make a difference as we work toward our common goal to create procurement efficiencies for government and education agencies throughout the country.

The Value of Contract Selling

 NJPA’s national contracts offer an easy, time-saving procurement process for all levels of government and education. Awarded contract suppliers have the advantage and benefit of “contract selling” and are in a position to be a “selected Vendor” by the NJPA Member through “contract purchasing” decisions.

  • Vendors are invited to submit a full line of products and services
  • Opportunity to market nationally a unified contract message throughout your sales teams
  • Significant efficiencies—savings to both contracted suppliers and NJPA Member buyers
  • Centralized, national contract management at the corporate or manufacturer level
  • Solutions-based solicitation—avoiding the challenges of specifications
  • Secure the business your sales team has earned and deserves
  • Ceiling-based pricing, offering contract price level flexibility on volume commitments