Staff Directory

Main Line: 218-894-1930 or 888-894-1930
General Email: [email protected]

Al Griffith
Al Griffith Building & Grounds Supervisor [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5498
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Bev Hoemberg
Bev Hoemberg Administrative Specialist [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5482
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Carol Jackson
Carol Jackson Customer Service Specialist [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5481
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Cheryl Husman
Cheryl Husman Administrative Specialist [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5462
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Chris Lane
Chris Lane Education Consultant [email protected]
Office: 218-639-0893
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Dave Duhn
Dave Duhn Lead Contract Manager [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5469 Cell: 218-839-4335
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David Jessop
David Jessop Risk Manager [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5461 Cell: 218-639-2391
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Deb Cervantez
Deb Cervantez Administrative Specialist [email protected]
Office: 218-895-4120
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Diana Pihlaja, CPA
Diana Pihlaja, CPA Director of Finance [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5475 Cell: 218-839-8108
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Duff Erholtz
Duff Erholtz Membership Manager [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5490 Cell: 218-894-6812
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Ginger Line
Ginger Line Contracts Specialist [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5483
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Gordy Thompson
Gordy Thompson Contract Manager [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5489 Cell: 218-894-6814
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Gregg Meierhofer, CPPO
Gregg Meierhofer, CPPO Bids and Contracts Officer [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5473 Cell: 218-839-1049
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Gwynne Gildow
Gwynne Gildow Education Consultant
Office: 218-894-5486
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Jeremy Schneider
Jeremy Schneider IT Support Specialist [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5472
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Jeremy Schwartz
Jeremy Schwartz Contract Manager [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5488 Cell: 218-639-1958
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Jill Kinsley
Jill Kinsley Graphic Design Specialist [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5474 Cell: 218-821-1604
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Judy Eggert
Judy Eggert Account Clerk [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5467
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Julie Mertens
Julie Mertens 21st Century Learning Specialist [email protected]
Office: 218-895-4117 Cell: 218-296-2625
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Julie Oakland-Soukup
Julie Oakland-Soukup Education Consultant [email protected]
Office: 507-402-3504
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Keith Hanson, CPA
Keith Hanson, CPA Accounting Manager [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5476
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Kellie Busker
Kellie Busker Administrative Specialist [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5478
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Kelly McAllister
Kelly McAllister Contract Manager [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5468 Cell: 218-894-6818
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Kim Wudinich
Kim Wudinich Administrative Specialist [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5485
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Laura Dwyer
Laura Dwyer Risk Manager [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5470 Cell: 218-371-6808
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Lindsey Finco
Lindsey Finco Administrative Specialist [email protected]
Office: 218-895-4118
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Lisa Novak
Lisa Novak Education Consultant [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5486 Cell: 218-371-8549
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Lori Duhn
Lori Duhn Administrative Specialist [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5486
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Louis Wermter
Louis Wermter IT Network Engineer [email protected]
Office: 218-895-4116 Cell: 218-838-8862
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Machel Marshall
Machel Marshall Account Clerk [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5484
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Mary Ruprecht
Mary Ruprecht Regional Low Incidence Facilitator [email protected]
Office: 763-689-1616 Cell: 320-496-3013
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Matthew Peterson
Matthew Peterson Contract Manager/Tribal Liaison [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5493 Cell: 218-851-9913
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Maureen Knight
Maureen Knight Contracts and Compliance Manager [email protected]
Office: 218-895-4114
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Michael Wegscheid
Michael Wegscheid IT Manager [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5496 Cell: 218-851-9912
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Mike Hajek
Mike Hajek Director of Contracts & Marketing [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5477 Cell: 612-750-3114
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Misty Myers
Misty Myers Corporate Counsel [email protected]
Office: 218-895-4121
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Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson Contract Manager [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5487 Cell: 218-894-6813
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RaeAnn Peterschick
RaeAnn Peterschick   [email protected]
Office: 218-895-4122
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Rynell Schock
Rynell Schock Leader of Education Services [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5492 Cell: 218-270-0291
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Scott Wermter
Scott Wermter IT Support Specialist [email protected]
Office: 218-894-1699
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Sheila Christoffersen
Sheila Christoffersen Administrative Specialist [email protected]
Office: 218-895-4111
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Susan Nanik
Susan Nanik Director of Administration [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5464 Cell: 218-371-8804
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Thomas L. Morgan
Thomas L. Morgan Membership Communications Specialist [email protected]
Office: 218-895-4119
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Tom Perttula
Tom Perttula Contract Manager [email protected]
Office: 218-895-4115 Cell: 218-839-0544
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Tony Glenz
Tony Glenz Contract Manager [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5491 Cell: 218-371-1671
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Tracy Plinske
Tracy Plinske Contracts Specialist [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5479
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Trevor Loftis
Trevor Loftis Account Clerk [email protected]
Office: 218-894-5465
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Vicki Dypwick
Vicki Dypwick Education Consultant [email protected]
Office: 612-749-1066
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