Cooperative Purchasing

NJPA has competitively bid and awarded nearly 200 contracts and over 527 construction-related contracts. NJPA contracts save members valuable time and money. Because NJPA has legislative authority to procure contracts and uses the same competitive process as municipalities, members don’t have to duplicate the process and can instead use contracts already procured by NJPA.

The world-class vendor contracts NJPA awards are typically made at the corporate level and leveraged locally, thus supporting the local economy. In addition, local communities, schools and governments benefit through reinvestment of cooperative purchasing administration fees. NJPA has awarded vendor contracts in a wide variety of industries, including, but not limited to, the following list.

NJPA continues to move into new industries with the guidance and input from our valued regional and national members.

As a benefit to full-voting Region 5 members, NJPA has established a rebate program. NJPA rebates administrative fees earned by NJPA from sales to its full-voting members, allowing these members (YOU!) to use the funds to purchase further NJPA services or to make purchases off NJPA solicited contracts. Administrative fees vary per contract.

    • Athletic surfaces and equipment, ice arenas and event seating
    • Construction and agricultural equipment
    • Education and curriculum
    • Energy solutions
    • Facility, maintenance, repair and operations
    • Fleet services, parts and equipment
    • Flooring
    • Food and food service equipment
    • Healthcare, fitness and medical-related solutions
    • Janitorial
    • Landscape and grounds maintenance
    • Logistic services/mail equipment
    • Office and school supplies, furniture and equipment
    • Off-road vehicles, watercraft and related equipment
    • Parks and recreation
    • Professional services and professional development
    • Public safety, vehicles, fire trucks and equipment
    • Public utility and airport equipment
    • Roadway maintenance, asphalt, snow and ice
    • Storage
    • Technology, security and communication solutions
    • Transportation
    • Uniforms and apparel
    • Waste and recycling

For more Information on Contract Purchasing or to become a member, please contact:

Jon Andres, Regional Membership Specialist