Emergency Services

LMC PATROL – In partnership with the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT), NJPA will sponsor the cost for public safety employee access to the online PATROL portal available through the LMCIT.

To help cities reduce losses related to police liability, LMCIT has developed PATROL, Peace officer Accredited Training Online. While PATROL delivers 12 new POST-accredited courses per year, subscribers can earn as many as 25 POST credits per year when they also take PATROL training on management and leadership, use of force and deadly force, and OSHA standards.

PATROL is supported by the Minnesota Counties Intergovernmental Trust, the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association and the Minnesota Sheriff’s Association. NJPA covers 100% of the costs associated with any Region Five employee’s access to PATROL.  To learn more, contact Anna Gruber or visit the LMCIT PATROL.

MN Highway Safety Research Center (MHSRC) – NJPA will also provide access to local training facilities at no cost to you. In partnership with the MN Highway Safety Research Center, public safety departments can access these facilities or programs for any departmental training at no cost.  NJPA will sponsor 100% of the training facility use.  This includes MN Highway Safety Research Center’s EVOC Driving Course and all training programs associated with this course.  To learn more, contact Anna Gruber.

Fire Training Reimbursements – In partnership with the MN Board of Firefighter Training and Education (MBFTE), NJPA has established a pool of funds at MBFTE solely for the reimbursement of training services in Region Five.  Each entity is entitled to $125/firefighter and can access the funds by contacting MBFTE and completing the required reimbursement form.  Reimbursements will only be allowed for those departments that exist within Region Five and for classes/instructors that are on the MBFTE approved class list.

EMS Training Reimbursements – In a NEW partnership with Region Five County staff and MBFTE, NJPA has established a pool of funds at MBFTE solely for the reimbursement of EMS/EMR training services in Region Five.  All trainings approved by the Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board (EMSRB) will be eligible for the EMS Funding Reimbursement Program at the following rates:

  • $225/individual/year – Law Enforcement, Dispatchers, Jail Staff, EMS, Healthcare Systems that are pre-hospital service employees only
  • $50/individual/year – Government Staff:  Public Health, Social Services, Conservation Officers, Corrections, Auditors, Treasurer, Assessor, Motor Vehicle, Planning and Zoning, Veterans, Administration, Public Works, City Administration, Township Clerks

All approved trainings by the Minnesota Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board (EMSRB) are eligible for reimbursement through this program.  Some examples include:

  • CPR/AED initial and refresher
  • Basic First Aid initial and refresher
  • EMR initial and refresher
  • EMT initial and refresher

Please refer to the following document for a list of Vendors who are eligible to participate (updated annually on July 1st):

The reimbursement level is dependent upon the course.  Entities cannot access funds without submitting a roster to their respective County Validator and also submitting a Request for Reimbursement Form through the County Validator.  All of these forms and more information can be found here:

To access the Emergency Medical Responder Team/Organizational Roster and the Emergency Medical Responder Team/Organizational Application Form, please contact your specific County Validator listed below:

Cass County Validator – Tim Norton

Crow Wing County Validator – Dan Exsted

Morrison County Validator – Emily Senta,

Todd County Validator – David Determan

Wadena County Validator – Heidi Happel