PROGRAM SPOTLIGHT: Emergency Services


LMC PATROL: In a new partnership with the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT), NJPA will sponsor the cost for public safety employee access to the online PATROL portal available through the LMCIT.

To help cities reduce losses related to police liability, LMCIT has developed PATROL, Peace officer Accredited Training Online. While PATROL delivers 12 new POST-accredited courses per year, subscribers can earn as many as 25 POST credits per year when they also take PATROL training on management and leadership, use of force and deadly force, and OSHA standards.

PATROL helps officers stay current on Minnesota legal issues, and is based on Minnesota case law. Content is developed with input from police liability experts, insurance defense attorneys, and local law enforcement agencies. Each month, a new continuing education course is available for one POST credit. Issues covered include topics such as: vehicle searches, traffic stops, search warrants and misdemeanor arrests.

PATROL also offers a three-part series of training on Use of Force and Deadly Force to help law enforcement agencies meet mandated POST training requirements. PATROL also helps agencies meet the following OSHA standards: AWAIR, Employee Right-to-Know, Bloodborne Pathogens, HazMat Awareness Level 1, Hearing Conservation, Respiratory Protection, and Personal Protective Equipment. There is also a 4-part training series on management and leadership skills.

Each PATROL course is supported by legal memos. Updates on developments and case law changes are automatically sent to enrolled officers. In addition, city and county legal advisors and prosecutors also can get PATROL legal briefs, allowing key staff to simultaneously be kept up-to-date with the same information from the same source.

PATROL is supported by the Minnesota Counties Intergovernmental Trust, the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association and the Minnesota Sheriff’s Association. The cost is $85/employee and will be 100% funded by NJPA.

MN Highway Safety Research Center (MHSRC) and Camp Ripley: NJPA will also provide access to local training facilities at no cost to you. In new partnerships with the MN Highway Safety Research Center and Camp Ripley, public safety departments can access either of these facilities or programs for any departmental training at no cost. NJPA will sponsor 100% of the training facility use. This includes Camp Ripley’s Shoothouse, Live Range, and Collective Training Facility. This also includes MN Highway Safety Research Center’s EVOC Driving Course and all training programs associated with this course.

Emergency Medical Services: In a NEW program with Lifesaver Inc., NJPA will offer 50% off of Initial EMT Courses and 100% paid refresher courses for emergency medical responders in Region Five.