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Making a Difference with Professional Development that is Different

“ Effective professional development is intensive, ongoing, and connected to practice; focuses on the teaching and learning of specific academic content;…and builds strong working relationships among teachers.” (Darling-Hammond et al.)

In 2011, NJPA rejuvenated our focus on professional development services in education for the Region 5 Service Cooperative with the introduction of NJPA Education Solutions. School districts and educational entities are now able to access a growing venue of educational services in professional development for teacher leaders and administration; collaborative educational opportunities; and educational contract purchasing. These opportunities for professional development are different because the options are designed to be job-embedded, provided on-site, ongoing throughout the year, evidence-based, and driven by student and system data.

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NJPA Education Solution for professional development is an instructional coaching model that allows professionals to apply the evidence-based practices of effective school. This occurs right within the classrooms and school as teachers work with their students, colleagues and administration. Professional development is supported by the relationship with educational consultants/coaches established over the ongoing period of regularly scheduled, collaborative services in the member schools.

NJPA Education Solution for professional development is designed by the school leadership team and staff; based on the student, staff, and school data; and sustained as a continuous improvement plan with yearly goals and evaluation. The instructional coaching connects the school goals to the individual and professional development goals.

NJPA Education Solution for professional development seeks to build the capacity of teacher leaders as a model of continuous school improvement that is led by teacher leaders and administrative teams for the purpose of improved results in student achievement.


Making a Difference with Professional Development that is Different

“Skillful leadership by principals and teachers is essential if quality teaching is to occur in all classrooms. An essential part of such leadership is the creation of a performance-oriented culture that has professional learning and collaboration at its core.” Dennis Sparks, 2007


Gwynne Gildow

Education Consultant for K-6 Instruction, Leadership, PLC’s

Lisa Novak

Education Consultant for Pre K-6 Instruction & PLC’s, Data, Intervention

Julie Mertens

21st Century Learning Specialist for Technology, Instruction, PLC’s

Kassidy Rice

Leader of Education Solutions

Carol Jackson

Administrative Specialist for Student Academic Programs, DLS

Lori Duhn

Administrative Specialist for Education Solutions Programs

Rynell Schock

Senior Consultant