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NJPA Education Solutions exists to: 

  • Build valued relationships with professionals as leaders and learners: in schools, in partnership with service and governmental organizations, and in other educational entities.
  • Deliver solutions for the complex demands in education – Solutions that are focused on the value for the capacity developed when individuals work together with flexibility, interdependence, efficacy, craftsmanship, and consciousness. 
  • Exceed the expectations of our members to bring results to learning and leadership by serving with an attitude of humility for the honor that has been given to us to teach and learn with learners of all ages.  


“If you truly desire happiness, seek and learn how to serve…”  Albert Schweitzer


Professional development is provided that increases educator effectiveness and results for all student by following the Standards for Professional Learning (National Staff Development Council):

Learning Communities: Occurs within learning communities committed to continuous improvement, collective responsibility, and goal alignment.

Leadership: Requires skillful leaders who develop capacity, advocate, and create support systems for professional learning.

Resources: Requires prioritizing, monitoring and coordinating resources for educator learning.

Data: Uses a variety of sources and types of student, educator, and system data to plan, assess, and evaluate professional learning.

Learning Designs: Integrates theories, research, and models of human learning to achieve its intended outcomes.

Implementation: Applies research on change and sustains support the implementation of professional learning for long-term change.

Outcomes: Aligns its outcomes with educator performance and student curriculum standards.