21st Century Learning Solutions


21st Century Learner Solutions: Assisting teachers committed to transforming their instruction to engage with the 21st Century learner.

21st Century Learners are connected learners. They are already creative, collaborating, communicating and engaged in critical thinking in their personal lives. Purposeful integration of curriculum and technology will enable principals and teachers to transform instructional effectiveness by utilizing the connected learning skills and aptitudes students already possess.

21st Century Learner Solutions from NJPA is poised to provide professional development and continued support for principals and teachers dedicated to becoming technology literate. Together we will be committed to ensuring that all students are being prepared for an ever changing global community.


21st Century Learner Solutions focuses on professional development and support in five areas:

  • Focus 1: Build the capacity of educators to create opportunities for students to be active engaged learners using technology for the acquisition of knowledge and the production of evidence of learning.
  • Focus 2: Build the capacity of educators with staff development designed to intentionally integrate curriculum with current and cutting edge technology.
  • Focus 3: Develop a professional network of educators to enable growth and learning opportunities in technology integration. Facilitate a technology cohort; establish virtual connections, web-based connections, and show and share opportunities.
  • Focus 4: Engage in onsite, job-embedded professional development designed to increase effective and meaningful integration of technology.
  • Focus 5: Customize training to meet the specific technology integration needs in a variety of systems.

For more information, please contact NJPA: Julie Mertens by phone at 218-895-4117 or email, or Lori Duhn by phone at 218-894-5486 or email.