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ACADEMY for Teachers of Excellence

NJPA Education Solutions’ Academy for Teachers of Excellence brings teachers together to share their expertise, experience, and enthusiasm for the education profession with their colleagues.

  • Teachers are recommended for the Academy for Teachers of Excellence by their administrator and peers.
  • Teachers exemplify professional standards of high quality teachers.
  • Teachers identify an area of expertise or topic to share with their professional colleagues, and develop a pertinent, evidence-based presentation to use during teacher workshops that demonstrate application to the classroom or school setting.
“The single most INFLUENTIAL component of an EFFECTIVE SCHOOL is the individual TEACHERS within that school…” (Marzano, 2007)

Educators recognized for the NJPA Academy for Teachers of Excellence are Judy Maaninga, Julie Steinkraus, Lisa Novak, Chris Lane, & Cathy Riewer.

Judy Maaninga and Julie Steinkraus have been chosen as the 2013 Inductees into the National Joint Powers Alliance Academy for Teachers of Excellence.  “As schools begin a new year, these individuals represent the hundreds of teachers across NJPA’s Region 5 Education Service Cooperative who bring their enthusiasm, experience, and expertise in education to the classroom every day,” commented Rynell Schock, NJPA’s Leader of Education Solutions.  “NJPA is honored to recognize the work and accomplishments of teachers as the most influential component of an effective school. (Marzano, 2007)”

Since the creation of this award in 2011, NJPA has recognized other teachers for the award along with Maaninga and Stienkraus:  Chris Lane, Wadena Elementary; Lisa Novak, Menahga Elementary; Cathy Riewer, Bertha-Hewitt Elementary; and Jason Roepke, Pine River High School.

Students, teachers, and administrators interested in nominating teachers for the 2014 Academy for Teachers of Excellence should contact Lori Duhn at [email protected].


Members of the Academy will be paid a stipend each time they present their topic. (if the presentations occur during the school day, districts will be compensated for substitute teachers.) 2013 applications will be posted online after Jan 1, 2013 and due May 1, 2013.

For more information, please contact NJPA: Rynell Schock at 218-894-5492, [email protected]; or Lori Duhn at 218-894-5486, [email protected].