Professional Development Solutions

Making a Difference with Professional Development that is Different

“Skillful leadership by principals and teachers is essential if quality teaching is to occur in all classrooms. An essential part of such leadership is the creation of a performance-oriented culture that has professional learning and collaboration at its core.” Dennis Sparks, 2007

NJPA Education Solution for professional development is an instructional coaching model that allows professionals to apply the evidence-based practices of effective school. This occurs right within the classrooms and school as teachers work with their students, colleagues and administration. Professional development is supported by the relationship with educational consultants/coaches established over the ongoing period of regularly scheduled, collaborative services in the member schools.

NJPA Education Solution for professional development is designed by the school leadership team and staff; based on the student, staff, and school data; and sustained as a continuous improvement plan with yearly goals and evaluation. The instructional coaching connects the school goals to the individual and professional development goals.

NJPA Education Solution for professional development seeks to build the capacity of teacher leaders as a model of continuous school improvement that is led by teacher leaders and administrative teams for the purpose of improved results in student achievement.

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Progressive Strategic Planning for Success


Education Solutions provides professional development programs for districts committed to implementing professional learning standards in order to increase principal and teacher effectiveness. School teams facilitated by well-prepared principals, mentors, coaches, and teacher leaders will use a cycle of continuous improvement. Schools will focus on three areas of professional learning developed and supported by Progressive Strategic Planning for Success consultants through a variety of onsite, professional development opportunities.

Focus 1: Provide collaborative support to develop a culture of continuous school improvement through…

  • Data Retreats, Assessment Training
  • Administrative/Leadership Team System Analysis and Planning
  • Leadership Academy for Leadership Teams
  • Training focused on Intentional, Instructional Goals

Focus 2: Build systemic and sustainable capacity to dramatically improve teaching and learning within a Multi-Tiered System of Support through…

  • Peer Mentoring and Teacher Residencies
  • Guided Professional Learning Communities
  • Model/Practice Lessons/Lesson Study
  • Classroom Visits with Guided Reflection/Feedback
  • Professional Learning Opportunities requested by districts
  • Common In-Service Settings
  • Standards and Curriculum Alignment
  • Technology Integration & Online Learning
  • Literacy and Math Instruction and Interventions
  • Content-specific Professional Learning Networks
  • Mentorship Academy for new teachers
  • Training focused on Intentional, Instructional Goals

Focus 3: Build the capacity of instructional leadership teams through…

  • Guided planning meetings
  • Guided classroom visits with administration and teacher leaders
  • Reflective Conversations
  • Leadership Team Professional Learning Communities
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Instructional Coaching, Cognitive Coaching, Administrative Coaching
  • Academy for Teachers of Excellence
  • Leadership Academy for Leadership Teams

Professional learning opportunities are designed to combine the resources of the district and external, consultant support from the service cooperative in order to meet the unique needs of each district defined by their continuous improvement plan.

For more information, please contact NJPA: Rynell Schock at 218-894-5492, [email protected]; or Lori Duhn at 218-894-5486, [email protected].