HRS - High Reliability Schools

Every educator and every school desires to be highly effective in providing learning in an environment that will ensure success for ALL students. Marzano Research has taken the desire and created a term, High Reliability Schools, defined as "schools that monitor effectiveness of critical factors within the system and immediately take action to contain the negative effect of any error that occurs" (A Handbook for High Reliability Schools, Marzano, Warrick, and Sims).

In partnership with Marzano Research, NJPA can support your school in the process of becoming a High Reliability School. Support includes:

  • Training to learn the five levels of High Reliability/highly effective schools.
  • Surveys and data coaching to identify leading and lagging indicators to measure success.
  • Strategic planning based on identified needs and goals.
  • Coaching and leadership development to support implementation.
  • Monitoring of progress to recognize, resolve, and prevent barriers to success.
  • Access and resources to gather data at each level of High Reliability/highly effective schools.

LLA - Literacy Leaders Academy

Literacy Leaders Academy is dedicated to building leadership capacity for school administrators and teacher leaders to sustain systems of growth that integrate data, effective instructional practices, coaching feedback, and collaborative culture

Key components

  • Use of data.
  • Building a collaborative culture.
  • Quarterly training around effective practices with additional sessions offered as needed.
  • Ongoing literacy coaching onsite.


ENVoY, the name given to the system of nonverbal techniques presented in this training, is easy and practical. Teachers who systematically utilize the full range of these skills are able to:

  • Preserve their relationships with students even more.
  • Maximize time for learning- gaining an average of an hour of curriculum time per week.
  • Reduce time spent on discipline.
  • Improve classroom climate.
  • Enhance student productivity.
  • Decrease the level of staff burnout.

ENVoY Live

See ENVoY Strategies live, demonstrated by certified ENVoY teachers, and witness the impact on students and classroom behavior management at one of two NJPA-supported demonstrating schools - Pillager Elementary/Middle School and Wadena-Deer Creek Elementary. Teachers will spend a day visiting host classrooms, and ENVoY-certified coach Marilyn McKeehen will answer questions and bring clarity to the strategies being used by these teachers.

Carnegie Math

Carnegie Math is a professional development series with the primary objectives of (a) providing educators with high-quality professional development experience that enhances their mathematical content knowledge and pedagogical skills, and (b) increasing positive attitudes and confidence when providing mathematical instruction.

Trauma Informed Care Learning Community

In partnership with the National Council for Behavioral Health, NJPA Education Solutions is offering a new program to address the needs of students living with mental illness and substance abuse disorders. School teams can participate in this Learning Community focused on these Seven Domains of Trauma-Sensitive Schools:

  • Domain 1 - Student Assessment
  • Domain 2 - Student and Family Involvement
  • Domain 3 - Trauma-Sensitive Educated and Responsive District and School Staff
  • Domain 4 - Trauma-Sensitive Evidence-Based and Emerging Best Practices
  • Domain 5 - Safe and Secure Environments
  • Domain 6 - Building Community Partnerships
  • Domain 7 - Performance Monitoring and Evaluation

Systems & Leadership Support

GiANT Leadership

Relational apprenticeship is the key to growing leaders and building healthy organizational culture. Focusing on teaching leaders how to effectively provide support and challenge for their people creates a culture of growth and high performance.

NJPA continues to join with GiANT Worldwide, a leadership development team of professional committed to partnerships that grow leadership capacity for "next level" success. Participation is specifically designed to build capacity to create an apprenticeship culture, raise personal capacity toward instructional leadership, and accelerate the health of participating organizations through:

  • Personal growth as a leader in all areas of life and leadership.
  • Learning how to build an apprenticeship culture.
  • Obtaining tools, language, and content for your organization.
  • Partnering with a network of "Liberators."

Strategic Planning for Systems

NJPA is committed to supporting districts with system-wide strategic planning that examines, evaluates, and intentionally plans and implements practices of highly effective schools, including:

  • A system defined by vision and leadership.
  • A safe and collaborative culture.
  • Aligned data, assessments, and curriculum.
  • Highly effective instruction.
  • Family engagement and community partnerships.

The NJPA Strategic Planning Process addresses a school district's vision for the future with the alignment to clear and comprehensive goals developed from data and input of staff, students, administration, board, and community. Also, the district plan should be seen as a means to support the Title I Plan, the District Staff Development Plan, the Technology Plan and the World's Best Workforce Plan. While the Strategic Planning Process is designed to meet the unique needs of individual districts, it includes:

  • Development of vision, mission, values, and desired outcomes.
  • Strategic plan for three to five years.
  • Communication with ALL stakeholders: students, staff, parents, and community.
  • Professional development to support implementation.
  • Ongoing monitoring and adjustment for continuous improvement.

NJPA Education Solutions believes thorough implementation of a thoughtful and continuous improvement plan is the key to systems effectiveness that results in success for ALL students.

In School Support

NJPA Education Solutions provides support and training in best practives for effective instruction in a variety of areas. Beyond providing training, NJPA consultants are highly skilled in follow-up consulting and coaching to ensure fidelity and sustainability of new practices. Onsite school support is customized to your school's needs and desired outcomes.

Specialties Include:

  • Leadership
  • Resource Adoption
  • Assessment
  • Co-teaching
  • Content-area literacy
  • Gifted Education
  • Equity
  • English language learners
  • Technology integration
  • Bullying and harassment investigation
  • Math Instruction
  • Standards and curriculum
  • Data
  • Intervention
  • Balanced literacy
  • Reciprocal teaching
  • Positive behavior supports/ENVoY
  • Standards-based grading
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Peer and instructional Coaching
  • High-impact instructional strategies