Regional Programs & Services Guidelines

NJPA, is a public corporation and agency operating under the enabling authority outlined under Minnesota Statute 123A.21.

This statute was created in 1978 and revised in 1995 to allow NJPA to provide the following programs and services:

(1) administrative services;
(2) curriculum development;
(3) data processing;
(4) distance learning and other telecommunication services;
(5) evaluation and research;
(6) staff development;
(7) media and technology centers;
(8) publication and dissemination of materials;
(9) pupil personnel services;
(10) planning;
(11) secondary, postsecondary, community, adult, and adult vocational education;
(12) teaching and learning services, including services for students with special talents and special needs;
(13) employee personnel services;
(14) vocational rehabilitation;
(15) health, diagnostic, and child development services and centers;
(16) leadership or direction in early childhood and family education;
(17) community services;
(18) shared time programs;
(19) fiscal services and risk management programs, including health insurance programs providing reinsurance or stop loss coverage;
(20) technology planning, training, and support services;
(21) health and safety services;
(22) student academic challenges; and
(23) cooperative purchasing services.