Why Should You Join?

Take a look at just five of the many reasons that NJPA is your best choice when seeking Risk Management solutions.

# 1 No Membership Fee — Need we say more?

#2 Transparency
– NJPA takes pride in the transparency of the Risk Management Pool in everything from claims reporting to the renewal process. We continue to spend insurance program funds only on Risk Management activities.

#3 Member-driven
– NJPA is a Member-owned cooperative, serving all public and non-public educational systems, governmental agencies and all non-profits. Our goal is to provide Members with requested programs and services created, coordinated and delivered through a cooperative effort between all participating Members. You talk. We listen. It really is that simple.

#4 Wellness Initiatives — We care about you! In fact, we care so much about your well being that we’ve helped launch several initiatives to get you on the right track and help you stay there, right where you belong! From healthy discounts, a voluntary dental plan, and a tobacco cessation program, our goal is to improve your overall health and wellness, all while reducing health care costs.

#5 Reliable Relationships
– NJPA is proud to work in collaboration with both HealthPartners® and Alliant Insurance Services to bring our Members the highest quality coverage available! Whether you’re looking for health insurance, dental coverage, life or disability insurance, we’ve got you covered!